Blurring the Lines Between
the Digital & Being There.

Be a part of the beginning of something truly special.

What is EVUE?

The Ecosystem of Virtual Unified Evidence is the Internet of Digital Content.

Platform and Player Independent

No new codecs. No new players. It's your music, your movies, your virtual reality, your way.

Virtual Audio Record

A digital phonograph which uses the latest in high-resolution music technology providing an experience that is just like being there.

Fully Documented

A fully documented cryptographic protocol for interfacing with digital content licenses compliant with copyright legislation.

Reporting and Auditing

Instantaneous and accurate reporting and auditing compatible with PROs, ERDi, RIAA, and SOCAN.

Your Music, Forever

The CD you buy in the store can now go with you, anywhere. No more scratches. No more broken discs. No more losing content. No more silos.

Supply Chain Integration

From the studio to the consumer, the EVUE protocol seemlessly integrates into existing supply chains providing access to artists, studios, labels, PROs, publishers, distributors, and regulators.